Sweet Haggus

So, I’ve never been much of a pet person. My parents didn’t have pets until I was in high school and I just never really warmed up to the idea. My parents now have two dogs & their best friends had a dog names Haggus. My mom was always like Haggus’ other mommy. When their best friends would go out town my parents would “dogsit” and when they’d all go on vacation together my husband & I would watch all the dogs. Haggus was the best dog ever. He was the only dog I’ve ever liked. He was such a sweet dog. He never jumped, hardly barked, and he was so gentle and sweet with my babies even when our little man would try to ride him like a horse! The kids loved to try to make him lick them & they got a kick out of it. Haggus could never hold his “licker”. Haggus went to doggy heaven this weekend and we are going to miss him terribly. May you rest in peace sweet Haggus!


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