About Me.

So here’s a little background about mamasnak… My name is Jess. I’m a wife and stay at home mama to our two little ones!

First Trimester — Mamasnak was conceived after our first child was born. She was definitely my favorite subject to photograph. When she was born we lived over 1500 miles from “home” and family so I would photograph our daughter every day to email pictures to Noni & Papa. The only thing I knew about photography at that time was how to point and shoot!

Second & Third Trimester — Over the last 7 years I’ve learned more and more about photography and have had a blast doing some photo shoots for friends and family. Feel free to look back at www.mamasnack.blogspot.com.

BIRTH! — And here is the official birth of Mamasnak! Old and new photo sessions, photos of our life and my loves, and really whatever else photo related that suites my fancy.


If you are interested in having a photo session please feel free to contact me to discuss options and pricing. Also, don’t forget to ask about personalized cards & prints!


4 thoughts on “About Me.

  1. Jess, you have a wonderful knack for capturing timeless moments in peoples lives, everyday events as well as special milestones. Your approach is both fun and disarming. And I’d highly recommend your most skillful eye to any and all.

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